BIBO Bar All-In-One 1700W Instant Purifier, Kettle & Water Cooler



Product Info

Ice cold, room temperature or boiling – the BIBO bar is your all-in-one solution to instant purified water. Simply pop it on the kitchen counter or shelf, connect it to the mains, and you’ll have instant boiling or chilled filtered water whenever you want at the click of a button, saving you time, energy and money.


  • Advanced filters remove harmful bacteria and elements from the water making it healthy and delicious
  • The BIBO bar is more energy efficient than boiling a kettle, helping you save electricity and money
  • Reduce the need for plastic bottles as well as wastage from dripping taps
  • Not only is BIBO water safe for babies to drink, the BIBO bar also has a child lock function, making it safe for little hands as well


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