The Miele Vacuum Cleaner Complete C3 Cat & Dog provides strong suction power and comes with a Turbobrush which removes hair and lint in the most efficient manner, making it perfect for animal owners. The multi-stage filtration system works together to filter out 99.9% of fine dust.



Please note: Stock only available in the WESTERN CAPE

Complete Cat And Dog Model

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Complete C3 Cat & Dog is perfect for sucking up all the dust. It comes with a Turbobrush which removes hair and lint in the most efficient manner. Perfect for animal owners. 2000W provides strong suction power. Footswitches make it convenient to adjust the suction power.

Get All The Dust Out Your House

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Complete C3 Cat & Dog use a multi-stage filtration system. The following component works together to filter more than 99.9% fine dust:

  • HyClean Dustbag
  • Motor Protection Filter
  • Exhaust Filter

This creates a more hygienic environment. It effectively filters unpleasant odours. Perfect to rid pet or smoke odours. Once the fine dust has been vacuumed up it cannot escape. It remains safely in the sealed system.

Make Cleaning Your House Convenient

No more need to manually roll up cables. Miele Vacuum Cleaner Complete C3 Cat & Dog with touch control function. Rewind the entire cable at a touch of a button.

Larger rooms can be vacuumed easily due to the operating radius (11m). It is no longer necessary to frequently switch power points. The suction tube and hose combine to create an extended radius.

Adjust working height by a touch of a button. Ease lower back pain by quickly adjusting the telescopic tube to suit your height.

Park the vacuum cleaner during breaks. Simply hook the floor head onto the rear. This leaves the suction tube in a secure position and automatically switches of the vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner includes three standard attachments:

  • Upholstery nozzle
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Dusting brush with soft bristles
  • Turbobrush

Safety First

Avoid static discharge between the Miele vacuum cleaner and user. A small metal strip is integrated into the handle which works like a lighting conductor.

Protect your walls and furniture with the bumper strip. Miele Vacuum Cleaner Complete C3 Cat & Dog is equipped with an all-around bumper strip made from soft materials.

Temperature limiter provides protection from overheating. For example, if the air passage becomes blocked the motor will automatically switch off. Once the cause has been eliminated, it is ready for action again. Gentle start motor lets the vacuum cleaner start slowly once switched which further protects the motor from overheating.

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