Instantly cool down your space with Turbo Cooling. Rest better at night with Good Sleep and fight off dust and bacteria with the Full HD Filter. 24000 BTU/h



Increased Lifespan

Corrosion damages the heat exchange fin of the aircon. Which shortens their lifespan by allowing bacteria to grow. The Samsung 24000 BTU/h split unit aircon fin is designed to avoid corrosion. Longer lasting cool and comfortable air is the result.

Instant Cooling

Turbo Cooling mode can instantly cool down your space. The aircon operates in maximum speed which allows the set temperature to be reached faster.

Sleep Better With Samsung 24000 BTU/H Split Unit Aircon

Create the ideal climate in your bedroom with the Good Sleep feature. Precise temperature control and automatic moisture adjustment give you the perfect night rest. Protect the bedroom from humidity and heat. So you wake up in mornings feeling refreshed. Good Sleep also saves up to 36% energy compared to the normal cooling mode.

Fight Off Dust And Bacteria

Full HD Filter is a high-density filter. Which collects up to 60% dust and allergy causing bacteria. Perfect for people with respiratory issues, such as asthma.

Use Less Electricity

The Samsung 24000 BTU/h split unit aircon works with a digital inverter. It can maintain the desired temperature without frequently switching on and off. This results in less energy consumption and less noise. You can now stay comfortable for longer periods of time.

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